Sunday, November 09, 2008

Of Presidency and Pro-Lifers

I haven't posted much concerning my political views on this blog. But when I found out that Obama won the American presidential election, I was ecstatic.

In the meantime, I've been concerned about a trend that I have noticed among evangelical Christians. I might--or might not--have the chance to explain it all in the days to come, but the letter below should give you a hint of what's going on.

Shortly before the 4th, one of my Facebook friends posted a video. I can't remember where it came from (Youtube?). Nevertheless, it features a young black man pontificating about why he would not be voting for Barack Obama. Specifically, he cited Obama's pro-choice stance. Just think of all of those murdered children...

Everything that the young man said was designed to pull on people's heartstrings. It also seemed designed to portray Obama as the embodiment of evil.

I found the video very upsetting. Annoying, actually. In spite of the fact that I'm not comfortable with women having abortions*, I was incensed. I wrote a brief but snarky response to the video. And then, I wrote a note to the person who posted it.

You can read it below.


Unlike most of our correspondence, this note is a serious one. Given the subject matter, I hope that you will pardon me.

I see that you posted a video from a man indicating why he will not be voting for Obama.

I wanted to tell you a *little* bit about the reason why I reacted as I did.

There are some things I have seen from Anti-Obama voters that would make you sick to your stomach. Not pertaining to abortion, but specifically, race. I nearly started to go on about something that I saw that was particularly disturbing--and in my opinion, frightening--but I will spare you. :-/

There are other issues [other reasons why I believe Obama is worthy of support], but again [for now], I won't mention them.

Hence, the reason why whenever I see a non-white anti-Obama supporter on video--especially when they claim to disapprove of Obama (solely) because of his stance on abortion--I first take in the irony. Then, I take what they say with a HUGE grain of salt.

Biased, perhaps. But it's the way I feel, and I don't want to lie to you.

Meanwhile, although I do hold the opinion that a fetus is a child...I'm not entirely comfortable with siding with his opponent.

On the other side of things...When it comes to some of what is being said on this front, I keep wondering...

Who knows what may happen? Who knows the ways in which God will touch Obama's heart in the time to come?

And then there's an additional aspect of the issue. If abortion was outlawed, I firmly believe that people would find a way to do it illegally. I'm not saying that people can't be educated about the practice....But I'm trying to be realistic.

Everyone is very quick to judge and paint an incredibly bleak picture. In the past few days and weeks I have seen the prospect of an Obama presidency bring out the ugly side of people who are supposedly among the faithful.

Why not give the man a bit of grace?

For this reason alone, I'm going to give Obama a chance.

*Personally, I am not comfortable with someone having an abortion unless the fetus was conceived due to a case of rape or incest.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, we DID!!!!!!!!!!

'Round midnight...Actually sometime earlier than that, one of my roommates knocked on my door. K's got a TV, and we were watching the election.

"I think he won..."


"He's making a speech..."

The "he", of course, being Barack Obama.

K went out for a smoke. Meanwhile I stood up in her doorway.

All I could do was stand there, hands clasped in front of my face, transfixed.

"Dear Jesus..." It was a plea and a prayer.

"Dear Jesus...Dear Jesus..."

Barack Obama is the president of the United States.

To feel the weight of it...To take it in...

I'll post more on this soon. I promise. ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Currently I'm reading...

The Culturally Savvy Christian.

The first chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Magic, schmagic.

(Found via Today On The Interwebs)

I *heart* Harry Potter.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Review : Do Hard Things

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Although directed at teenagers, Joel and Brett (of The Rebelution) have come up with a manifesto that's suitable for readers of all ages.

DHT urges people to go against this culture's tide of advanced slackerism. (Yes, I just made that up.) We live in an age that has gone beyond one that promotes convenience to one that seems to enjoy pushing the idea that young people don't have to make any effort--on nearly any front. From bad grades, to bad behavior, if you're between the ages of 13 to 19, well then, you're in luck! Your age will excuse all ills and acts of stupidity.

The authors encourage (young) people to smarten up. We all have the ability to realize that God didn't put us on this earth to do and be nothing. Mind you, the authors do spend a lot of time talking about young people who are involved in various organizations and/or gaining notoriety in their chosen fields. Yet I came away from the book with the idea that even in the most ordinary moments, each one of us has the opportunity to use our lives. To live well--by making the most of whatever it is we have been blessed with, wherever we are.

These "hard things" that the boys speak of have been dubbed such because our society seems to emphasize the joys of taking the easy way out. Of everything. Indeed, when faced with a challenge, it's often easier to say or do nothing than raise your voice.

Yet we weren't wired that way.

What has apathy and laziness gotten us, apart from a callous culture of disrespect? I sincerely hope that as time goes on, people start to take a look at our culture. And that the tide continues to begin to turn. Do Hard Things is definitely a step in the right direction.